Multispeciality Hospital in Namakkal

Thangam Hospital started in the year 1986 in Namakkal, is a World-Class healthcare center of repute that provides multispeciality services.

The hospital is backed by a team of qualified doctors from various disciplines of medicine. The well-planned infrastructure paves way for accommodating all the patient’s needs under one roof.

Thangam hospital is making personalized treatment and quality care to patients at affordable prices, an everyday reality.

Founder's Message

Dr. R. Kulandaivel, MBBS, MD


Dr. M. Malliga, MBBS


Every human being has dreams, few are able to chase their dreams and very few dreams get fulfilled. When we started Thangam hospital way back in 1983 we knew that we are planting a seed potential of which can only be realised in future. It is our realization that hard work and faith never goes unnoticed. For years together we have served people in and around the Namakkal with dedication, passion and honesty. We wanted to do our best for our patient and we never ever refused to attend and care whether it is late night or wee hours, whether some-body could pay or not.

Motivated by growing trust and demand we extended our services gradually and grew our healthcare services adding many firsts of Namakkal like first ICU, NICU etc. At every step in turn we kept on receiving trust, respect, and support from our people. This bond with our people gave us the courage to bring state of art medical facility to the door step to this Region.

While we dedicate Thangam Cancer Center to our people of Tamil Nadu we realise that the seed of our dream has now become a giant tree that can ensure shelter to many long lasting lives…

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