Thangam hospital provides wide range of services for ear nose and throat disease. Multiple minimally invasive procedures are performed frequently. Direct and indirect laryngoscopy, bronchoscopy and upper GI endoscopy are performed in well equipped endoscopic suits for ear nose and throat. Endoscopic removal of nasal polyps, foreign body removal from ear, esophagus and trachea. Emergency servoices are well functional in department to deal with epistaxis, stridor, trauma etc. ENT department works in close collaboration with oncology department for cancer care. Common ailments like ASOM, CSOM, Mastoiditis Etc taken care by experts.

2 Doctors Found for “ENT”

MBBS – Madras Medical College, Chennai (2003)
MS (ENT) – Madras Medical College, Chennai (2008)

MBBS – Annamalai University (1998)
Dip ENT – Dr.MGR University (2002)

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